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Bruce Tuckman
Senior Fellow / Financial Markets Research

Bruce Tuckman is a financial economist with a career of over 20 years at top-tier investment banks and universities. His expertise spans fixed income markets, financing markets, prime brokerage, and front-office risk management. He has extensive experience managing internal research at investment banks and is a skilled writer and public speaker.

Dr. Tuckman was most recently a Managing Director and Global Head of Quantitative Research for Prime Services at Lehman Brothers and then Barclays Capital. He was responsible for business and risk metrics, margin methodology, and desk quants. His tenure oversaw significant changes to the risk governance surrounding the financing and prime brokerage businesses as well as the development and implementation of a portfolio margin product that captured a #1 industry ranking. Previously, at Lehman Brothers, he was Head of U.S. Rates and FX Modeling where he managed a group that worked with derivatives desks on pricing and risk, with cash desks and strategists on trading tools, and with clients. In that role he wrote numerous papers on fixed income markets, spoke frequently at corporate conferences, and created two particularly successful on-line trading tools: the FEDISCOPE, which derived the probability distribution of FOMC rate decisions from money market security prices, and the Futures Calculator, which provided sophisticated fixed income futures analytics and scenario analysis.

Prior to joining Lehman Brothers, he was a Managing Director at Credit Suisse First Boston where he played several roles including managing a group to study and help manage the credit characteristics of whole loan mortgages and managing a global relative value modeling group with a mandate covering a wide range of markets including rates, mortgages, foreign exchange, and emerging markets.

Dr. Tuckman began his Wall Street career at Salomon Brothers as the senior research professional for U.S. Fixed Income Arbitrage Trading. He was later appointed Head of U.S. Fixed Income Derivatives Research where he managed a group to value and hedge Swaps, Swaptions, Caps, and Floors for the customer trading desk.

Before his career in the financial industry, Dr. Tuckman was on the Finance faculty of New York University’s Stern School of Business and visited the faculty at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. He taught finance and fixed income securities to MBAs, executive MBAs, and fixed income professionals and spoke frequently at academic conferences. He also published numerous scholarly articles and a well-known textbook, “Fixed Income Securities: Tools for Today’s Markets,” now in its third edition.

Dr. Tuckman received a Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an A.B. from Harvard College in statistics and economics. He currently teaches classes on fixed income markets at NYU, Columbia, and the Indian School of Business, and serves as an independent member of the Interest Rate Swap Risk Committee at the CME.


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