Thought Leadership

Lauren Cooper
Manager of Communications

Lauren Cooper is the manager of communications at the Center for Financial Stability.

Prior to joining CFS, Ms. Cooper was the chief of staff to the group president of Global Establishment Services at American Express for eight years. There, she managed communications and employee engagement meetings, as well as ensured that day to day operations of the division ran smoothly. In another role at American Express, Ms. Cooper was an integral part of the team that launched the Costco/American Express partnership. She also worked to market card acceptance in other new industries.

Prior to American Express, Ms. Cooper was a marketing analyst at Music Sound Exchange, a joint venture between Time Warner and Sony. There she functioned as the analytic resource for the marketing department of the music/entertainment catalog.

Ms. Cooper received her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts and her Master of Business Administration from Fordham University.

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Director / Advances in Monetary and Financial Measurement

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Senior Fellow / Legal Studies

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Lauren Cooper
Manager of Communications

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Special Counselor

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Chief Technology Officer

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