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Monday, April 21, 2014


Lawrence Goodman notes in Forbes that the Fed Needs to Speed Up Taper, Smooth Out Distortions. He also highlights steps that central bankers can take to protect their respective economies.

CFS Advisory Board Member Randal Quarles urges a thoughtful approach to regulating asset managers in this WSJ letter.

Bruce Tuckman comments on the effects of recent regulation in Repo Market Decline Raises Alarm as Regulation Strains Debt by Bloomberg News.


The Japan Experiment - Will Abe-nomics trigger another crisis or will it encounter success?

China and Its Financial Priorities - CFS hosted a roundtable discussion with Carl E. Walter.

Cybersecurity and Threats to the Financial System - CFS hosted a discussion with FBI Special Agent Leo Taddeo and former Principal Deputy Director of the National Counterterrorism Center Kevin Brock.

CFS hosted a roundtable with William R. Rhodes, former senior vice chairman of Citigroup. Read his presentation.

CFS hosted a roundtable on Bitcoin: What is it legally and economically? What are the regulatory, policy and investment risks of virtual currencies?


Latest Research

CFS Monetary & Financial Data Release - CFS Divisia M4 grew by 2.6% in March 2014 on a year-over-year basis versus 2.1% in February.  March Data Release

Bradley J. Bondi and Christopher Jones examine reasons for the dearth of prosecutions of Wall Street executives stemming from the financial crisis.  More

A messy default and restructuring in an advanced economy would provoke a serious systemic crisis. So, now is the time to promote a process with strong incentives for debtors and creditors to reach swift, successful, and sustainable debt restructuring agreements.  More

The transcripts of the Bretton Woods conference, edited by CFS associates Kurt Schuler and Andrew Rosenberg, have an important passage where Keynes forcefully outlines his view regarding the IMF’s role in sovereign debt restructuring.  More

More on Sovereign Debt

Considerable debate persists surrounding the extent to which banks have actually increased their capital since the financial crisis. We consider the six largest bank holding companies (BHCs).  More

William R. Rhodes recently presented and discussed global risks at a CFS roundtable. He addressed key lessons from past crises as well as a future challenges for the U.S., China, Japan, the Euro-zone, and financial institutions. More

The Bretton Woods Project

The Bretton Woods Transcripts

The Bretton Woods Transcripts were discovered by CFS Senior Fellow Kurt Schuler. The book offers a front row seat at the conference that shaped the international monetary system for nearly 70 years. Available in hardcover and eBook.

Questions and Answers on the Bank for Reconstruction and Development

CFS releases an historic document on the World Bank that has never before been widely available. This document was originally prepared by the U.S. Treasury Department and distributed to delegates and journalists at Bretton Woods. It discusses the appropriate role of the Bank and provides insight into how organizers of the Bretton Woods conference expected the world financial system to evolve after the worldwide depression of the 1930s and the world war that was then raging.

Historic Documents & Memorabilia
Over 3,000 pages of historic documents, photographs, memorabilia and recollections.

Blog: What’s New with the Project?



As technology propels the development of virtual worlds, members of these communities are creating and circulating their own currency. Bitcoin is an extraordinary development at the nexus of software engineering and monetary theory. More